Adaptation Cabinet

A combination of Bubinga, Curly Maple, and Cherry set off this versatile design.

Product Information

The piece is composed of three units: two bookshelves, and one TV or shelving unit. They can all be pieced together, or separated into three pieces. Each one is joined by double-ended bolts through the side panels, with matching cherry plugs to fill the holes should you choose to separate them.

The center unit’s back panel is easily switched out, depending on whether you wish to set a TV there or display items on adjustable shelves. For the latter option, the back panel has the same inlaid pattern as the two bookcases. To remove, simply push out the back panel and secure the other one with tapered cherry plugs from the back.

There are five full extension drawers, with curved corner cut-outs acting as the pulls. The top center unit drawer is actaully a flip down door for TV components. The top three drawer fronts all have Bubinga along their top edge, and all the drawer fronts have the curly maple inlay. Finally, the shelves are Cherry with Bubinga edges.

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