More kinds of Maple…?

TIGER MAPLE has a figure that runs perpendicular to the grain, and is formed by a distortion in the growth pattern of the tree. It is found in the eastern part of the United States and Canada. Besides furniture, the two other main uses were for gunstocks and musical instruments. It was particularly used in the making of violins, giving it the other label of "Fiddleback Maple". BIRDSEYE MAPLE is a bit of an unknown phenomenon occuring in trees that creates the unique dot pattern. No one knows what causes the wood to grow this way. It's found in hard maple trees around the United States and Canada.

Product Information

Tiger maple is a tighter, more highly figured version of curly maple. Birdseye maple was often used in antique pieces of furniture, but can become a bridge between traditional and contemporary furniture when used in a more modern design. See “Engagement Box” under “ACCESSORIES”.

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